Chains of Fate

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Release Date: November 22, 2024


In the underbelly of 1770 London, orphan Thomas Everhart's fate is cradled in shadowy hands before it's violently snatched away. A victim of clandestine trades and treacherous seas, he finds himself shackled—body and soul—to the viridian sprawls of a Virginia tobacco plantation, indentured until the end of time.

Yet, the spark of rebellion is kindled in the hearts of the oppressed. Amidst brittle leaves and broken spirits, Thomas and a band of fellow captives seize their destiny, fleeing into the untamed embrace of colonial America. With bounty hunters at their heels and freedom an elusive siren's call, an unexpected sanctuary blooms in the warm, pacifist arms of Quakers—mysterious benefactors dwelling in the fractures of a country teetering on the brink of revolution.

In whispers of smoke and fire, a promise echoes—battle under the standard of the Continental Army, and the chains that bind you shall shatter, granting the liberty you yearn for.

As the horizon of history bleeds into war-torn red, Thomas stands on a precipice, the weight of a newborn nation resting on his shoulders and his comrades-in-arms. Courage and camaraderie are their weapons; an unquenchable thirst for freedom is their shield.

Melissa Cole weaves an intricate tapestry, one where destiny binds the lost souls of an old world to the birth cries of a new. But freedom whispers a price, and as the drums of war crescendo, will Thomas Everhart pay with his life... or emerge a hero carved into the annals of a world reborn?

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